Sketchbook – Trails of Asia

>>> Whenever I travel I like to keep a visual record of the things I see, experience and discover. This is usually done with my digital camera but when I have the time and opportunity I love getting out my watercolours, ink and pencils and working on paper.

>>> This is what I did for my recent trip to South East Asia where I found I had time to make little sketches and collages inspired by the landscapes and scenes I saw in Java, Cambodia and Vietnam. The paper used was rice paper I bought from a little artists studio in Hoi Ann, Vietnam and was perfect for mixing washes of the watercolour paint, other papers were found on my travels, gleened from old books and packaging and used in the collages. Birds are used in some of the pieces (as I love to draw them), the colours and styles inspired by the asian cultures and designs I experienced.

>>> Here are a few pages from my Sketchbook – Trails of Asia, I hope you enjoy looking at them.

>>> All work is Copyright Cheryl Henry 2012. Please do not use, copy or reproduce these images without asking permission first. Thankyou.


New Zealand Bird Collages

>>> Birds are one of my favourite things and they are used lots in my design work. They are such beautiful shapes, colours and patterns and they constantly fascinate me.

>>> I was travelling and working in New Zealand during 2009 and 2010 and whilst I was there I had plenty of time to discover the unique birds of this beautiful country. I was exploring paper collage at the time as it was easy to carry around in a backpack, no paints and brushes required, just some paper and a pritt stick! I was using recycled papers, cutting bits of pages out of magazines, which was great fun and meant I could build layers and create textures within the designs.

>>> The finished designs were copied and made into cards which I sold to a gallery called Birdwoods near Hastings and also on a weekly craft market at Takaka in Golden Bay. The original paper collages were custom framed when I returned to the UK and are available to buy on my Misi Shop