Buttons are a girls best friend!

At a market I did a few weeks ago in Norwich, a lovely lady approached my stall and commented on the use of vintage buttons in my work. We had a lovely chat and during which she mentioned that her husband had a real phobia of buttons!

A phobia of buttons! I said, how can that be? I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like buttons, only those who had fond memories, like me, of tipping out my grandmas button tin on a rug and sorting through them, putting them into piles of matching colours and shapes. Many happy hours were spent with this childhood pastime 🙂 It turns out he was made to wear hand knitted jumpers and cardigans as a child and they were buttoned up quite tightly around his neck, so he felt claustrophobic and ever since has a fear of buttons.

Some of my latest haul of vintage buttons!
Some of my latest haul of vintage buttons!

I’m completely the opposite! If anything I could be described as a button obsessive! I love collecting vintage buttons, and source a lot of my buttons from eBay where job lots are like a lucky dip! You can’t always see everything, so when they arrive in the post it’s great fun sorting and picking out the gems, and seeing what you can do with them. Recycling and up cycling them into useful, pretty and decorative accessories is a lot if fun and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of buttons!


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