It’s been a while!

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>>> I have seriously neglected my blog for quite some time, erm about 3 years!

The time has flown and in those few years I’ve moved house once, had a variety of jobs, have 2 amazing twin nieces, bought a beautiful hand loom called Martha, and am really enjoying my new home in Suffolk 🙂

I have been really lucky to have met a wonderful group of creative makers, artists and handmade craft enthusiasts since moving to Suffolk and have been taking part in lots of indie markets and pop up events. I also have managed to get an amazing job back in Textiles, working with students at Brighton University on the Textile Design with Business Studies degree, as a Technical Demonstrator. The role involves running 2 workshops filled with Harris Handlooms and Georgewood Dobby Floorlooms, also a TC1 Jaquard loom and an industrial Dornier Powerloom. I’m loving it!! It means I split my week as its a part time job, so I spend a couple of days by the seaside in Brighton, perfect!

Now feeling like I’d like to explore writing again and sharing some of Little Swifts creative journey in this blog. I’ve given it a facelift with a new theme and intend to try to write a short piece every week.

Wanted to share a few recent photos with you in the meantime, so you can get a feel of where Little Swift is in 2015, enjoy 🙂


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