B is for Birds

>>> I’ve been meaning to sit down and do a little piece about Birds!

>>> They are a constant fascination for me and I think they are really inspiring and incredibly beautiful. I’ve always watched birds and we had birds as part of our family as pets, parrots, canaries, finches and budgies. Being able to travel abroad and see so many unique and different types of birds has been a real joy and their colours, patterns, shapes and textures will always be a huge influence on my design work.

>>> I wanted to share some artwork from one of my favourite bird and nature illustrators – Charley Harper. His work encompasses an amazing sense of colour, form and texture and he focuses on the unique characteristics of each bird and their individual personalities. They are often in unexpected poses and this is what I really love about his work, it is quirky, amusing and vibrant. Everything I think that a bird is!


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