Spruik my wares at Suitcase Rummage

>>> This time last year I was escaping the UK winter by living in Brisbane, Australia. Whilst I was there I discovered a bespoke monthly Indie Market called Suitcase Rummage. It was held in the open air in a square at the top of the busy Queen Street Mall one sunday a month and cost a mere $10 for a pitch where you could sell just about anything!

 >>> The only thing you were required to have was a suitcase used as part of your display and there was an eclectic mix of handmade products made by young and old alongside vintage, second hand and retro goods sold by small independants or individuals just clearing out their closets.

>>> Having dipped my toes into the water making handmade bird collages and other products in New Zealand I was really keen to start making things to sell in Australia. Suitcase Rummage was perfect and I loved the quirky collection of stalls and the focus on handmade designers and makers.

>>> I decided to make recycled paper products such as gift tags, ‘chook marks’ for books, framed artwork, artisan notebooks and recycled button hair accessories. I set up a stall with my partner Matt who is a graphic designer and we began spruiking our handmade goodies to the Brissie crowds.

>>> Much fun was had and friends made at Suitcase Rummage in the following few months. We had to leave Brisbane for pastures new but having been inspired by the genuine regard and love for things handmade we looked forward to what Melbourne’s indie craft scene had to offer us.


2 thoughts on “Spruik my wares at Suitcase Rummage

  1. I tried my hand at the Brisbane suitcase rummage last year but we got a very windy day which made things tricky! It seems the trick with market stall is to have a lot of little ‘cheap thrills’ so people can spend a couple of dollars and feel good, rather than investing in something a bit more meaty. I only sold a lot of cupcakes! Hope you had better luck. x

    1. Hi there, that’s great to hear you gave Suitcase Rummage a go too, it was a wicked little market and we were sad to leave it behind when we left Brissie.
      Windy days were a nightmare for me too, all my paper gift tags would be blown around and I’d be forever trying to keep stuff on my stall!!
      We did ok and managed to make some extra dollars for our travels, but it was a lot of fun and we got quite friendly with Danielle and Isobel who run it and they definately want to make it more about the handmade sellers and focus the market towards that in the future. The vintage, second hand stuff is good and brings people in tho, but you can get lost in all of it too.
      Have you tried the Bleeding Heart City Market? It’s on 1st friday of every month in Brissie city centre, and more geared up for handmade art and craft. Maybe that’d be one to try in the future. 🙂 x

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