Pop Up Craft

>>> I think Pop Up shops are brilliant and I was so happy to discover one at the end of my street in the Carlton suburb of Melbourne. Even moreso when I saw that it was a Craft Co-op called The Crafty Co and had just recently opened to the public.

>>> Not wanting to miss out I ventured in to say hello to the two lovely ladies behind the counter and after talking to them both for a bit I asked if they were looking for anyone else to get involved with the co-op. I explained I was a textile designer and had been making and selling handmade recycled paper products in Brisbane at Suitcase Rummage. They took my details and after a quick meeting with the owner Tracey I was invited to join the Crafty Co Pop Up Shop.











>>> I excitedly set about making some new stock for the Crafty Co Shop, new designs for gift tags, new handmade notebooks and button bobbles in a colour palette I could merchandise together. It was really great to see the paper giftware in a retail space environment and because the Crafty Co is run as a co-operative it was really affordable for first timers into retail like myself. We all shared the rental costs and expenses in return for a low commission on sales we make.

>>> Being part of the Crafty Co means we all take some time out of our work/life to run the shop so that it is open to the public and we can generate sales and interest for our work.

>>> This has been a great experience too as I love the face to face contact with customers and to be able to talk about the products and what’s behind the process. It’s local and handmade in Melbourne and that’s what I really loved and got excited about being part of.

>>> Long live Pop Up Shops and Crafty Co-ops!


2 thoughts on “Pop Up Craft

  1. This sounds amazing! I’d love to get involved in something like this after I get my etsy shop up and running. I’m going to look up craftyco right now and see if anything is happening in the depth of this gloomy Melbourne winter 🙂

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