Re-Invented Textiles










>>> Recycling fabric and re-inventing textiles, breathing new life into once discarded or unloved items of clothing or homeware is something that I love and I always enjoy finding other designer/makers who share that enjoyment too. In today’s consumer driven madness, it is totally refreshing to see design embracing the ‘recycle, re-invent, remake’ philosophy, such as Ingrid Jansen from Wood and Wool Stool in the Netherlands.

>>> Her beautiful homewares are made lovingly from secondhand crochet blankets and reclaimed wood. She turns them into cushions, stools and picture frames which fit so well in a variety of interior spaces. I love the eclectic mix of patterns and colours and the homespun and handcrafted look of the finished products, they are truly lovely objects to use and admire.

>>> Being a trained weaver I am always on the lookout for interesting uses and applications of woven design. When I was studying at university my degree collection encorporated some fabrics made like a rag rug with reclaimed strips of fabric and ribbon woven into the cloth, creating a new fabric out of old pieces of fabric. I still like rag rugs today so I guess I was attracted to the above woven chair as it uses the same ideas and techniques to create a strikingly modern design which I think also follows the ‘recycle, re-invent, remake’ philosophy and retains a real sense of fun!

>>> I’ve also been learning to do a bit of crochet recently and I came across images of crocheted pebbles which I think are great. Although it is possible to crochet around the pebble to create a unique handmade object, it would be lovely to recycle existing crocheted fabric and remodel this around the stones therefore giving old textiles a new lease of life.

>>> I really hope more people come to realise that we don’t need to throw away as much as we do. With a bit of imagination and some time, old and unwanted textiles can become beautiful objects we can learn to love all over again.


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