New Zealand Bird Collages

>>> Birds are one of my favourite things and they are used lots in my design work. They are such beautiful shapes, colours and patterns and they constantly fascinate me.

>>> I was travelling and working in New Zealand during 2009 and 2010 and whilst I was there I had plenty of time to discover the unique birds of this beautiful country. I was exploring paper collage at the time as it was easy to carry around in a backpack, no paints and brushes required, just some paper and a pritt stick! I was using recycled papers, cutting bits of pages out of magazines, which was great fun and meant I could build layers and create textures within the designs.

>>> The finished designs were copied and made into cards which I sold to a gallery called Birdwoods near Hastings and also on a weekly craft market at Takaka in Golden Bay. The original paper collages were custom framed when I returned to the UK and are available to buy on my Misi Shop


3 thoughts on “New Zealand Bird Collages

    1. Hi Beth, thank you!
      It’s funny you mention Charley Harper as I’d not heard of him until I received a christmas card from my cousin last year which was one of his red cardinal bird prints and I instantly fell in love with his work and bought one of his postcard books last month.
      I must confess I saw on your blog that you also were a fan! I actually discovered your blog as I’d wanted to do a post on birds today and include Charley Harper images – some of the images used on your blog post appeared on google and that led me to your site.
      Some things are meant to be I reckon! : ) I look forward to following your blog : )

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